Headache Special

Destinations: Verkehrshaus (Swiss Museum of Transport), Luzern. Ikea, Rothenburg.

Travel Diary, part 1: Verkehrshaus (Swiss Museum of Transport), Luzern

Our little prince charming had a very stony week, so to say… He started it by falling from the stairs, making a spectacular somersault and landing head-first. Oh my, that was scary. And the amount of screaming was gushing. No wonder. (How do mothers keep calm in these situations…?) Miraculously he survived with a bump in his head accompanied with some sore muscles. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of the story…

Verkehrshaus is a cool place for families with kids and fathers who are obsessed about trains, cars and airplanes. This place really has everything. Also space rockets and ships, in addition to the previous ones. Oh, it even has a planetarium and a chocolate adventure. So we went there with friends of ours on one rainy day, and very fast it became clear… we would not be able to look through the whole enormous place in one afternoon! Which is actually weird, since we are in Switzerland where mostly everything is very small and cute… except the Alps. But the exception confirms the rule, right?

Anyway, we had a really cool afternoon there looking at trains and cars and going through mirror labyrinth. We checked airplanes and were really amazed by everything related to rockets. For little explorers (and for their father, needless to say) this was a heaven on earth. So many things to look at and try out. Only downside was that the air in the halls was so thick that one could have cut off a piece with a pocket knife (Swiss made, of course!) and it was hot and hard to breathe.

Now I don’t know any more if that was the reason or if the adults were just desperate for coffee (Finns, you know, they drink enormous amounts of coffee!)… But we decided to head outside for a while. And there was this gate-thing where you walk through and it swings closed as soon as you are through. Our princess was walking first and little prince charming tailing along as always… can you guess the rest? She walked through and didn’t realize to hold the gate… and it slammed directly to little guy’s forehead. Hard. That forehead which was only turning yellow after being somewhat bluish for some days! I really don’t know anymore which one of them was screaming louder, but let me just say it was a lot of screaming and it took ages to calm the two down.

Little prince charming’s forehead was now cute black-yellow with some fresh shades of blue.

Traveler’s Guide for planning a visit:

Location: Luzern, Switzerland

With a car: Navigation Adress Lidostrasse 5, 6006 Luzern

Public Transportation: check out the timetables from sbb.ch

Cost: Day Passes for Adults 56,oo CHF / person, Children 22,00 CHF / person, Children under 6 years 11,00 CHF / person.

Open: 365 days a year. Summer times 10:00 – 18:00, winter times 10:00 – 17.00

Services: Museums, restaurants, cafe’s, WC, playgrounds, etc.

More information: website of https://verkehrshaus.ch/startseite.html



Travel Diary, part 2, Epilogue: Ikea, Rothenburg

Few days later, it was another rainy afternoon and we decided to spend it in Ikea. Our kids love going there. The other one is just fascinated about everything and the other one loves to follow the arrows projected on the floor. Naturally adults always find something to buy, just to get the headache of putting this whatever-thing together later at home. The absolute highlight in Ikea is naturally the restaurant. We couldn’t skip it this time either, and went for coffee (Finns!!!) and some cake. Although there is always the sorrow of not finding any lactose-free cakes or pastries from this place (Hey Ikea-people, if you are reading this: please do something about it! We are probably not the only lactose intolerance family around here!)… But we’ve found our solutions to this problem.

So there we were, settling on the table with our coffees and snacks, when our little Mr. hasty pants couldn’t wait for mommy or daddy to get their hands free… and he decides to climb on a very high chair all by himself. And of course he lost his grip. I turned around exactly the moment he was falling and was watching it like slow-motion movie… but fast enough to grab him? No. So he fell on his back to the stone floor. And hit his head. Again. Only this time it was not the forehead that took a hit. At this point I was seriously considering locking him into a cushioned room for the rest of the week. With a helmet on.

My dearest little sweetheart. Please stop causing any more headache specials… you know, mommy gets a headache, too.

(just needed to add some calming flowers after all these head-hurting adventures…)


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