Little Prince Charming’s bedtime stories

Tonight my little prince charming took a hit on his head. Yes, literally. He fell  on his head. And as always, this kind of accidents tend to happen in the evening, when it is almost time for bed. Well, guess what? I didn’t feel like putting him to a bed right after his forehead was turning blueish and there was a horn of unicorn growing from it…

So, instead, we put the little princess and her dad to bed and headed outside for a little evening walk. The little guy sitting in his trolley and me tailing along. Now if you’ve read my blog before, you know that the little prince charming is somewhat obsessed about sun. And hey, if you’re new here, that’s totally fine. Let me tell you a very short version of the story: every evening my little guy is worried about the sun disappearing from the sky, and every morning he has to check that his yellow friend is back. It is VERY important. (read the long version here) Anyway, tonight as we walked along the quiet streets, we had an amazing conversation, about the sun of course. What else did you expect?!

“Mommy, where is the sun going?” Little guy asked, watching his yellow friend traveling downwards in the sky. “I don’t know” I said “but maybe she’s going to bed since it is actually bed time.” “So does she brush her teeth too?” He was wondering, and then answering to himself: “oh, but she has to! She definitely doesn’t want any tooth Gremlins, mommy, right?” “You’re probably right” I said, pushing it on a bit. “what color of a toothbrush does she have?” “Yellow, of course” said the little guy. “And she has yellow tooth paste too. And then she reads a bedtime story. She reads Mamma Moo, that’s my favorite bedtime story too! And then she goes to bed. And she has an orange blanket and a yellow pillow. And a red comforter! And she has a grey squirrel (hot water bottle, mind you!) that she warms up in the microwave… And mommy! Her bed is BIG, right? Otherwise she won’t fit in. She’s soooooo BIG! And warm. Like the grey squirrel!”

his friend, the sun, lurking behind his window in the morning… :)

He went on and on… and I couldn’t help but secretly laugh at my little prince charming. What a story teller already. If I didn’t know better, I would have probably thought the bump in the head was playing tricks on him… But so, this Mother’s day evening didn’t turn out to be quite as bad as it seemed for a moment. We had a very special evening walk, and come to think of it, I just might do it again with him some other evening. Why not? We both enjoyed. Only I’d prefer doing it without any more unicorn horns…    

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