Book Corner

I am a serious bookaholic, and also sometimes love to write reviews about the books I’ve read. I wanted to share some of the reviews with you guys, so here you go! (You’ll find the review by clicking the photo or the name of the book…) Maybe you’ll find it helpful while choosing what to read next… When you can’t travel, you can still read a book! Sometimes it is ok to let your mind do the traveling and grab a good book instead!

Oh, and just so you know… this page is constantly under construction, so make sure to stop by every now and then to catch the latest reviews! If you want me to keep you posted, do send me an email to get added to the mailing list! Looking forward to hearing from you: kirsicblog(at)

Chasing a Flawed Sun by Daniel McGhee

Genre: non-fiction, description: A true survival story of a young man who was addicted to drugs… (Go to the review)

Raiders of the Dawn by M. Benjamin Woodall

Genre: young adults, description: The beginning of Tom and John’s wild and unpredictable adventure in the world of Angoll. Fantasy/science fiction for young adults… (Go to the review)

The Most Unlikely Champion by Vera Koo with Justin Pahl

Genre: non-fiction, description: a story of determination. This woman was not the most likely one to become a true champion… (Go to the review)

Up in the Air, a pilot’s journey by Robert Fulton

Genre: non-fiction, description: a memoir of a pilot. 50 years of aviation experience inside one set of covers. This true story is full of adventure and life-affecting lessons… (Go to the review)

When Half of Your Heart Dies by Gloria Clark

Genre: non-fiction, description: How does a mother survive when an unthinkable happens? Losing a child is a true tragedy, but losing a child because of someone else’s violent acts is something even worse… (go to the review)

Griuns A folk tale by Nigel Patten (Go to the review)

Kalayla by Jeannie Nicholas (Go to the review)

Mixed Blessings by JM Muse (Go to the review)

Not the Same Water by Karen Black (Go to the review)

Sandra Eden’s War by Mike Low (Go to the review)

The McCoys: Before The Feud by Thomas A. McCoy (Go to the review)

The Fox by M. N. J. Butler (Go to the review)

The Prodigy Slave, book one: Journey to Winter Garden by Londyn Skye (go to the review)

The Reel Sisters by Michelle Cummings (Go to the review)

Science Fiction / Fantasy:

Masters and Bastards by Christopher J. Penington (Go to the review)

The Hand Bringer by Christopher J. Penington (Go to the review)

We are Voulhire: a New Arrival Under Great Skies (We are Voulhire series, part 1) by Matthew Tysz (Go to the review)

We are Voulhire: The Fires of Virko (We are Voulhire series, part 2) by Matthew Tysz (Go to the review)

We are Voulhire: Someone Else’s End (We are Voulhire series, part 3) by Matthew Tysz (Go to the review)


A Voice For The Silent Ones by Kimberly Stratton (Go to the review)

Profiles in Kindness by Paul E. Kotz (Go to the review)

Where the Wings Grow by Irv Broughton (Go to the review)