In some measurements we are a very average family – a husband, a wife and two kids; a little boy and a little girl. We live currently in Switzerland in a very small village, that is located to a real Middle Earth. Oh, and we are a bilingual Family – that sometimes equals very funny situations… Anyway, this blog is about me (the wifey) and my family, our life (including every aspect!) and our favorite pastime – traveling. We like to do short trips, long trips, round trips, car trips, hiking trips, flying abroad trips… you name it. When we have time, we are always on the move. Sometimes our adventures are colored by my husband’s more or less annoying geocatching-hobby – but to be fair I have to say we have found many cool places because of that – places that would otherwise have remained unfound. Our trips are also colored by kids and their more or less complicated needs – but I have to give it to them, they are excellent little travelers. I think after two times of driving to Finland and back with the car (without complaining, I must say), my now 5-year old daughter definitely deserves an Iron-Butt trophy. But that is another story….

To make it not-too-long, let’s just say that this blog doesn’t exactly fit into any given category. But it fits to my (and our) life. I write about things we saw and experienced while on the road or during everyday life, especially those that in some way moved my heart let it be good or bad. But there is yet another aspect to this story: as a God-loving woman, I believe that life itself is a journey. So it just might happen that here and there on or in between the lines you will find little hints and glimpses of the heavenly side of the road. I hope you enjoy, welcome aboard with me and my family! 🙂