Picnic at Hallwilersee

Destination: Hallwilersee, Aesch, Switzerland

Travel Diary:

Last Friday my dear husband had a day off from work, so we decided to do something together, the whole family. The weather podcast promised warm but not steaming hot – what a perfect day for a Finn to go for a picnic at the lakeshore! But where…? My favorite tool for finding cool places is google, but my husband prefers geocaching. You might wonder, now how on earth does that work… well, you have to ask him. However, it was already too late to go geocaching, so google it was. I sat down on the couch with my iPad and started searching.

After some half an hour of punching my Ipad, we found this cool-looking place from Aesch, at the lakeshore of Halwilersee, less than half an hour from our home. My best friend, google, promised some barbeque areas, swimming, green grass, and turquoise water. Perfect! So it happened, that the next morning we dropped our daughter off at pre-school and went to buy some sausages and other necessary stuff. Then we packed up our Skoda, the faithful servant, and were just in time to pick up our precious little princess from her pre-school.


The place was definitely as good as promised, maybe even better. All the features mentioned above were there and some more… there was a funny little playground for the kids, and there was a Kiosk building where you could buy some snacks if needed. The building even had neat public toilets. And there was a fenced swimming area for the kids in the lake! I would imagine that in steaming hot weather, the place was packed, but since it was only warm and sunny, there was almost no-one there. Except for us crazy Finns and a few others. We unpacked our stuff to one of the barbecue areas and started preparing our outdoor lunch. Everything went really well, in spite of the fact that our toddler didn’t want to take a nap in his trolley. And that our princess fell down face first from a climbing frame (her nose was still hurting the day after!). And we forgot to pack half of the food. And we forgot to pack towels for the little swimmers…. and… and… shall we just let other things remain unmentioned.

Ok, let’s admit it, we are beginners in this barbeque-picnic-stuff. Nevertheless, we ate sausages, grill-cheese, and watermelon, and had some delicious grilled chocolate bananas as a dessert. And the kids went swimming (who needs a towel anyway!). The time was flying, and it was time to go home almost too soon. Now everything that’s left from this cool day is the mess in our hallway… and some precious memories. Time spent together with the family is time well spent.

Traveler’s information:

Location: Aesch, Switzerland

With a car: Navigate to Seebad Aesch Am See, 6287 Aesch (Luzern)

Public Transportation: Go to Railway Timetables and write Seebad Aesch Am See (LU) to your desired destination.

Cost: Entrance is free of charge.

Open: Entering the area is possible around the year. However, you might want to stick to summer season for the swimming, as the water tends to get too cold in the winter…

Services: small kiosk/cafe, toilets, campfire sites, playground

More Information available at website

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photo: pixabay

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