Reading Tips for November

[warning: this post contains some affiliate links. But only for really good stuff!]

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Happy November! (Yes, I know it is still October, but hey, we are almost there. And November is my birthday month, so excuse the rush! ;-) ). There’s not much traveling here lately, but I’ve been busy with some great books. November calls for it: log fire, couch, a blanket, a cup of coffee… and a great book! Days are getting shorter, and my Finnish inner clock says it is time for… well, if not for winter sleep, at least for cozy book moments. Even The Finnish Fireman I mentioned in my book recommendations for September saw it wiser to end his journey before the winter. So there we have it.

Let’s get to the point. My first one for you is a thrilling mystery. If you like Miss Marple, you might want to get to know Hillary Broome. Unlike Miss Marple, Hillary Broome is not an amateur consulting detective but a ghostwriter. However, her husband is a real cop. And she seems to have a tendency to end up needing detective skills. And there’s a little something similar in the atmosphere of these books. If I’ve awakened your interest and you’d like to befriend Hillary Broome, read more about her adventures, for example, from this book: House of Eire by June Gillam. Read my full review here. If you want to read this yourself, you can buy it here!

My second pick for you is historical fiction. I read this a while back, but it was actually so good that I’m considering reading it again. The story takes you to the year 1969 when the Vietnam War was causing dispersion in US society. We meet an upper-class girl, Rachel Hanson, and a local farm boy, Steve Tanner. Their lives take quite surprising turns; there’s not much else to add than Sh*t Happens! Gavin L James wrote this bookand it is absolutely entertaining. Read my full review here. If you want to read this yourself, you can buy it here!

My third recommendation of the month goes to the Baxter Family Drama, written by Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley. This is Christian Fiction with a hint of romance included; check out the first book of the series, Redemption, here. Oh, and watch out! You just might fall in love with the Baxters; that certainly happened to me.

Happy November to you all!

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay