Reading Tips for September

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As you all know, I love traveling. However, for most of us it is not possible to always be on the road, or up in the air, or floating in the waves of an ocean like one Finnish fireman whose adventures I have lately followed (this guy decided to row from North America back home to Finland, and currently he’s somewhere in Scotland, on a trail of Loch Ness Monster!). Anyway, now I am drifting to sidetracks. What I wanted to say is that when I can’t travel, my second most favorite pastime is reading a book. It is like going on an adventure from your reading chair!

It is again time to summarize my latest readings and give you, my friends, some reading recommendations. So, off we go. First, let us follow the trail of Leonardo da Vinci… Here’s one steamy romantic adventure from the promised land of romance, Italy! As we all probably know, that’s where da Vinci lived his earthly life and obviously inspired author Belle Ami to craft her book, The Girl Who Knew da Vinci. It was adventurous, supernatural, and, well, eh, steamy. Read my full review here: If you want to read this yourself, you can buy it here!

My second pick for you would be Winning the War on Cancer by Sylvie Beljanski. As the title lets you expect, this book talks about cancer-related issues, and to tell you the truth, I was very hesitant to read it first. But You know what, it was a very exciting book. Have you ever heard of Mirko Beljanski? Well, I hadn’t either. This is someone who dedicated much of his life to finding a cure for cancer, and it seems he lost everything because he might have found the answer. This book talks about natural extracts, but it doesn’t mock modern medicine; instead, it seeks a holistic cure to this devil called cancer. The author Sylvie is Mirko Beljanski’s daughter, and this book could be labeled as a memoir, or it could be labeled a thousand other things. Read yourself; I do not think you’ll be disappointed. Or at least read my full review of it here. If you’d like to read the book, you can buy it here!

One more. This would be labeled as ‘other fiction’. It is supernatural, and it tampers with ‘fate’. If you believe in fate, this book leaves you wondering: can fate actually make mistakes? Meet Billy, whose life just turned upside down in Rod Marquardt‘s novel, A Passage to Home. I marveled at this author’s imagination, but I wished they had spent more time in properly editing this book. The story is good, nevertheless. And very imaginative. Or how would you feel about bottles of blue nectar that appear out of thin air or talking toy dogs? Read my full review here: Want to read more? Buy the book here:

Happy reading adventures, everyone!

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