One day I will die…

…all the other days I will live. This thought is not my own, it is a quote from Finnish politician and cancer fighter Maarit Feldt-Ranta, but it strikes me deeply to the bottom of my soul. I don’t necessarily agree with her about political issues but her attitude, while knowing that she is actually facing death probably sooner than later, is remarkable. Maybe we all have something to learn about that…

…but first, let’s go a few steps backward. I have been thinking of death and dying a lot lately. You would imagine that since I am a Christian woman, this shouldn’t be that big of an issue, but it is. Because it strikes me as unfair. Anyway, during the last year the whole issue has become more real to me than ever before. I have worked for a publishing company for quite many years and learned to know so many wonderful people – authors, partners, freelancers etc. And all of a sudden, there’s a wave of bad news coming from every direction. One dying, other one terminally ill and so on… Okay, some of these people were rather old, but not all of them. And this all got me thinking, how we don’t have any guarantees whatsoever about how long we get to be here on this planet earth. And it felt so unfair. Still does. One lives ninety something years and is actually happy finally getting out of here, and another one barely makes it to forty, still wanting to be around but having no say at all to his cause. This doesn’t make any sense, now does it?

In the middle of all these deep thoughts going through my mind, I suddenly faced a day when I had to say goodbye to my old four-legged-friend, the horse. She got sick, with an illness that cannot be cured. I will not go deeper into details with this, let’s just say a horse is no good with only three legs. So I had to make the hard decision of ending her life. And this got me thinking, how twisted is that… we can decide for an animal and it is acceptable, but deciding for human being would be against all our values. Let me just say, I really think that is the way it is. But it is just twisted.

Back to humans… as a Christian I believe in eternal life after death. That should make death itself a bit less scary, shouldn’t it? Somehow it still nerves me. Not the death itself but more the unpredictability of it. We don’t get to choose for ourselves or for the others either. And if something, I have learned that asking why-questions from God is often a waste of time. Always before everything unfair led me into crisis, because I didn’t get any answers to my whys, and this time I simply decided to skip that part of the process. And then I ran into this quote and suddenly it all made so much sense to me! Why worry about something that is not in our hands anyway? You know, worrying often causes us to stop living. And really, that we cannot afford. We have this moment, and it is precious. So let’s value this moment and L.I.V.E. life to the fullest.

And how do you know? That you are living life to the fullest? That is simple. When you can say in the evening that you wouldn’t have done anything different even if you knew there wouldn’t be tomorrow. One day I will die. But all the other days I will live!

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