When Tough gets Going…

I’ve said it many times. If I’d known how often kids get sick, I would have at least considered twice, maybe more, before having any kids at all…. On second thought, in the end considering wouldn’t probably had changed a thing. So. Let’s just say it is good I didn’t know. Because before the kids I was HARDLY EVER sick. I really didn’t even know what it MEANS to be sick. I suppose I don’t have any ROUTINE for that. And trust me, being as hysterical as I am with all kinds of sickness, I think ROUTINE would have helped a BIT.

Well, compared to last year, I shouldn’t even complain. BECAUSE last year it started in SEPTEMBER. And went through the whole school year, non-stop. This year, at least we got this far, all the way to MID-MARCH before it started. Now it has been a MONTH with influenza, eye-infections, fever, coughing, runny noses and as a cherry on a cake, CHICKEN POX (the funny thing is that chicken pox is the one I feared the most, and so far it proved to be the easiest one of these all…). Kids are taking turns, so that there’s surely one of them sick the whole time. And my dear husband got his share. Even the HORSE managed to get sick. And me… well, I have been sick THE WHOLE TIME. Sneezing, suffering runny nose and nagging headaches… and naturally mommy is the one who has to keep the whole palette together.

You know, I am so NOT good at this. I mean keeping the palette together… When somebody is sick, I panic. I never know when to take them to doctor… And because of a hysterical wife, during the years my sweet husband has been faithfully driving back and forth in between our house and emergency duty… naturally always in the middle of night. Also, nothing is worse than knowing that your kid is sick. No, actually, having them both sick at the same time IS worse. When they are sick, I go into a survival mode. Which means I don’t sleep properly. I check them million times during the night. I wake up to every minor sound they make. I am constantly checking if they need more medicine or if the temperature is rising or if they need warm tea or whatever… sounds really healthy, wouldn’t you say? Naturally after a few days I look like a ghost myself. What do you think I look like after a month..? A MOTHER OF ALL GHOSTS, naturally.

And so, that everything would be JUST PERFECT, the spring is out there! Whole time it has been NICE and SUNNY outside. Beautiful weather and I am STUCK in this stupid HOUSE (mind you, in reality this house is not stupid. It is lovely!). I miss sun. I miss fresh breeze on my face and I miss walking paths in the forest. The walls are closing in on me. I really don’t know how these people who have family members with serious illnesses deal with all this crap. I feel for them. If you are sick, serious or not, I feel for you too.

…and my sweet kids? Oh, they have been brave. They’ve dealt with all these illnesses and a hysterical mommy. Not to forget all the disappointments they’ve faced, not being able to go here or there or do things they love. As a matter of fact, I think they’ve been the ones who keep the palette together.

Ugh. The mother of all ghosts has spoken. This is one sick posting.


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