a Break

Destination: Bad Schinznah, Schinznach Bad, Switzerland

Travel Diary:

This year we had a rather busy autumn. My dear husband started a new job, we moved to a new home, and we celebrated my 40th birthday just to mention a few things. And of course, our precious princess started in a new pre-school, and we all had to get used to a bit different everyday-routines. To put it short: what a mess. Or did you ever try packing a house alone with two kids while your better half is going crazy because he just has too much to think and learn and is working long hours? Once you’re done, you have to set everything up in a new house in just two weeks – again accompanied by your sweet little kids – because you planned a tremendous party that was going to take place at your new home. Well, I just tried all this. Not to mention that I invited about 40 people to my party. Now all of this is over, and I can tell you that somehow we survived. The old home is history, and the new one is more or less organized. And the party was a blast! But all this left us panting, desperately trying to catch our breaths again.

Lately, I noticed that my nerves were growing very short, and I would snap at the kids about whatever nothingness. I was in desperate need of a little time-out. My dear husband noticed what was going on and ordered me to have a break, even though he would have needed one by himself. So I took the offer and ran. Far away from my dear but sometimes so nerve-racking kids, all my everyday duties and routines. I spent an awesome day at Schinznach Bad, enjoying different spa services. I even fell asleep for a moment in this very relaxing thermal bath, the sun shining and the water bubbling and steaming around me.

But unfortunately, because I am me, even taking a break doesn’t always go smoothly. This time was no exception… Maybe I am an idiot. Or my brain is just overloaded… however, firstly, I forgot to take some cash with me. And if you have ever spent time in Switzerland, you know that this is a major mistake. You would expect that one living here already more than six years would have learned the lesson, but no. Again, I forgot the cash. And so the problems started when I walked out of the Spa after these relaxing moments. Standing in front of a garage, I realized that the only acceptable payment method for the parking was cash. Shit (excuse my language!). I felt my blood pressure starting to rise to whole new levels. After going through all my pockets, and wallet, and backpack several times, I was lucky enough to find just enough pennies to pay for the parking. I sighed for relief and headed towards the staircase, just to realize that I didn’t know anymore where I parked the car. Upstairs? Or downstairs? I had no idea. Puzzled, staring at the staircase, I decided that it must’ve been down. Guess what? No, it wasn’t! I felt my blood pressure starting to rise again and tried DESPERATELY to calm myself with the fact that there were only (!) six floors in this freaking garage. Running up and down the stairs certainly wore off all levels of relaxation I had reached earlier during my time at the Spa. Finally, after going through four (!) floors, I found my loyal old car, standing probably exactly where I left it. ”Oh there you are!” I yelled in relief, ”don’t you ever hide from me again!”… Yeah, like it was the car’s fault if the owner is an idiot.

Surprisingly, I still made it out of the garage on time. Happy end. Except that I was back in square one with my overloaded self. Once I got back home, and my dear kids started fighting and screaming as soon as I opened the door, it felt like the whole day was just one weird dream. Never happened, right?

Traveler’s information:

Location: Schinznach Bad, Switzerland

With a car: Navigation address: Badstrasse 50, 5116 Schinznach-Bad

Public Transportation: Your desired destination is Bad Schinznach. Go to Railway Timetables

Cost: Adults 19 CHF per person, children aged 4-12, 12 CHF. For groups and other special prices visit the website

Open: Monday – Sunday, 8:00 – 22:00 around the year.

Services: WC, restaurant, shop, thermal bads, saunas, aquarena fun

More Information available at their website


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